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Sadie Hayes, Life Care ServicesYoung women in business suite headshot
Senior Financial Analyst

Oh The Places You’ll Go! (With an Accounting Degree!)

Accounting is the language of business. Learn what ‘speaking the language of business’ looks like and all the places an accounting degree can take you.


Sadie is a CPA and a graduate of Iowa State University with Bachelor of Science in Finance and Accounting and a Masters of Accountancy.  Recently, she completed the Masters of Business Administration program at the University of Iowa. She is currently a Senior Financial Analyst for Life Care Services in Des Moines, Iowa. Sadie supports Senior Living Communities around the U.S. with financial budgeting, projections, financial statement review, etc. She loves a good book, running, and ‘talking business’!

MarketingProfessional Portrait of young women with brown hair

Nicole Smith, Wells Fargo
Marketing Consultant

Developing Your Personal Brand:  Showcasing Your Personality to Develop Your Career Goals

What exactly is a personal brand and why is it important? This session will discuss what personal branding is and why it’s crucial to have a developed personal brand statement at any stage of your life. Whether you are going to college, looking for a job, or simply want to better understand your passions and goals, we will go through an exercise to help you develop and narrow down your personal brand that reflects your unique personality.


Nicole Smith is a Marketing Consultant at Wells Fargo creating and executing creative strategy campaigns for every day consumer credit cards. Nicole Smith graduated with her undergraduate degree in anthropology and classical studies (2010) and graduate degree (2013) from Iowa State University. She has a passion for creating customer-centric materials to help the public better understand complicated topics inherent within the financial and insurance industries.

You will most likely find Nicole crocheting, knitting, or planning her next travel adventure.

Alicia Henderson, Pella CorporationYoung women in business suite head shot
Marketing Communication Specialist

Navigating Your Own Path

I hope to walk the group of high schoolers through narrowing in on what excites them, and how a career path is not a straight ladder to success – as often we are presented with opportunities that don’t fit right in line with what we had planned.


Alicia graduated from Iowa State University in Spring of 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Interior Design. She began her career in product management, and now works for Pella Corporation as a Marketing Specialist, supporting the trade and commercial segment of the business.


Polly Harris, Union Pacific
Director of HR for Marketing & Sales

Launching a career in the Human Resources arena.

Are you innovative?  Are you a problem solver?  Do you enjoy building relationships?  Do you operate with integrity and high ethical standards?  Are you interested in driving an organization’s business strategies and identifying talent?  Consider learning more about how your human resources or management degree can be applied in the various functional areas within Human Resources.


Polly Harris is the director of HR for the Union Pacific Marketing & Sales department.  She is responsible for the deployment of talent management strategies and programs for a workforce of over 900 employees across 50+locations including Mexico.  Polly is extremely passionate about developing creative solutions which promote employee engagement.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Iowa.  She is a 2014 graduate of the Union Pacific Leadership Development Program.   In her spare time she enjoys being a spectator at her children’s recreational baseball and gymnastics events as well as supporting her Chicago Cubbies!

Lindsay Moser, PrincipalYoung women in business suite head shot
University Relations & Recruiting Manager

Get Unstuck: Be a Change Agent

The only thing that is constant in today’s world is CHANGE. We work in a time where change is big and change is fast. Change can happen in a number of ways: technology changes, reporting to a new leader, HOW WHEN and WHERE we do our work…This session is designed to be interactive and share tools/resources that can help you get unstuck as you experience change.


Lindsay Moser leads the University Relations & Talent Pipeline functions within HR Recruiting & Diversity and joined Principal in 2005. She started her career on the university relations team and held several positions within talent acquisition prior to moving to her current role in 2013. Lindsay received her B.S. in Psychology and her M Ed. in Higher Education/Student Affairs from Iowa State University. Prior to joining Principal, Lindsay worked within intercollegiate athletics at Iowa State University.

Erin Maltby-Addelia, PrincipalYoung women in business suite head shot
University Relations Consultant

Get Unstuck: Be a Change Agent


As a University Relations Consultant at Principal, Erin Maltby-Addelia primarily supports the Accounting community with internship recruitment and leads university relationships with Iowa State University and the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Motivated by student development and career coaching, Maltby-Addelia graduated from Iowa State University with an M.Ed. in Higher Education, where she held assistantship roles in the College of Human Sciences Career Services office and graduate program recruiting. Maltby-Addelia earned a B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa prior to attending ISU.

Management Information Systems

Erin Hofer, KPMGEmily Hofer Professional Portrait
Manager, IT Advisory

Passion for Problem-Solving

If you are interested in making things better, solving puzzles, and helping people, come learn how degrees in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) can open doors for you. Active participation welcome (but not required). We will discuss how curiosity, education, and experiences can help drive your success, and how these are all fundamental to MIS and SCM.


Erin Hofer graduated from Iowa State University in 2014 with a BS in Supply Chain Management, and a BS in Accounting. She quickly put both to use in an IT field, working for a Big 4 accounting firm to provide IT Advisory consultative services.

Supply Chain Management

Mylissa Carstens, Caterpillar Inc.
Program Manager

What do you mean you’re out of…??  Why the world will always need Supply Chain professionals.

Everything you touch has a supply chain that was responsible for sourcing, creating, and distributing it to you.  Careers in Supply Chain Management are challenging, rewarding, and constantly changing.  In this session, we will explore what supply chain management is and how it silently plays a critical role in our everyday lives.  Join this session to learn how you can influence supply chains of the future!


Mylissa Carstens is a 2005 graduate of Iowa State University with a BS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  Upon graduation, she accepted a position with Caterpillar Logistics in Morton, IL.  Mylissa has held multiple roles within Caterpillar’s aftermarket parts Value Chain including parts forecasting and inventory planning, facility start-up coordination, global prime product distribution, management of 3rd party contract packaging facilities and as an Operations Manager at Caterpillar’s Global Distribution Center.  Mylissa is currently a Program Manager in Caterpillar’s Surface Mining & Technology division.

Jen Estochen, 3M 
Supply Chain Manager

Create Your Chain Reaction – How a Supply Chain degree Ignites your Future!

Have you ever wondered… how did that product get on the store shelf? How do they make that? How do they know how much to make? What is the best way to make it? If so, then a career in Supply Chain might be in your future!  Join this session to learn how a career in Supply Chain can help you explore answers to these questions, and create a chain reaction for your future!


Jen has been with 3M for more than 18 years, working in roles in Information Technology, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma and Business Transformation across multiple business groups and staff organizations. Jen lives with her three daughters and Shih Tzu.  She enjoys spending time with her children, family and friends, as well as attending her daughters’ activities, trying new restaurants, hiking, golfing and spending time outdoors.

Rebecca Halligan, Permasteelisa North America
Building Information Expert

Discover the Hidden Adventures of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is a broad field that includes careers from procurement to logistics to operations. The career options truly are endless if one realizes e very company and service has a supply chain. This session will discuss an industry and role that is rarely talked about when taking supply chain courses and will encourage future students to think outside the box when the time comes to start their career.


Rebecca graduated from ISU’s Supply Chain Management program in May 2014 and started her career with Permasteelisa North America in the Twin Cities. Her role in the company consists of planning and ordering all materials needed to construct exterior building facades. She has a passion for her industry (curtain wall) and Supply Chain Management, which she loves to share with others whenever possible!

Meet current members of the College of Business Collegiate Women in Business student organization, tour the Gerdin Business Building, plus have your questions about business majors, career opportunities, and what it’s like to be a college student answered!


Anne Clem, Senior Lecturer and Elaine R. Everson Teaching Fellow

Are shopping malls on the verge of extinction?? The answers are in the accounting!

In this session, we will discuss the current state of retail shopping.  We will do a hands-on investment analysis of the financial statements of two popular stores to assess their financial health, both past and present.  Finally, we will examine the role of accounting in business and consider how accounting is used in situations such as this to navigate through changing times.

FinancePortrait of female faculty member in black shirt

Valentina Salotti, Associate Professor of Finance

Wall Street Survivor

Players will create portfolios of stocks with different risk profiles, their investment will be exposed to random events (good or bad) that will determine how the investment performs. They will be able to change their investment composition to seek a better performance or more protection against market risk.

International Business

Business is Global

Entrepreneurship:Portrait of female faculty member in black shirt

Judi Eyles, Director ISU Pappajohn Center for Entrepreneurship and CyBiz Lab Student Consulting

Finding the Entrepreneur in You!

Ever thought about being an entrepreneur?  What does that even mean?  This session will get you out of your seat to explore idea generation and entrepreneurship!  Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, and sometimes entrepreneurship happens when you’re not even trying!

ManagementPortrait of female faculty member in black shirt

Monica Gordillo, Lecturer of Management

Why is it not enough to have a great idea to succeed in business?

In this session, we will review what managers can do to transform great ideas into profitable business operations.

MarketingPortrait of male faculty member in suit jacket

Sekar Raju, Associate Chair of Management and Marketing

Marketing and Product Information

Marketers constantly keep a look out for information that helps them gain knowledge about improvements they can make to their products. Competitor information, new product introduction information, and consumer behavior information are some of the ways by which marketers get feedback about the changes in the marketplace. In this session, we will do a team-based, hands on activity where you will come up with ideas to make changes to a product you commonly use.  We will talk about the ideas and discuss some of the marketing implications of the suggested changes.

Management Information Systems

Miguel Velasco, Lecturer of Information Systems

Exploring Information Systems

If you enjoy technology like iPhones, iPods, and Facebook, you have what it takes to major in information systems. All you need is an interest in technology and the desire to use technology to improve people’s lives. We will go over what MIS is and why you should consider a career in it.

Supply Chain ManagementPortrait of female faculty member in tan shirt

Amber Bellville, Lecturer of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain….the collision of art and science!

Students will all be presented with the same set of standard instructions to create a picture.  Will the students end up with identical work or will there be variation among the artists?

GeneralPortrait of female faculty member in black and black shirt

Sarah Adams, Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator

What is Business? Is Business For Me?

Wondering what opportunities await you as a business student? In this session explore your skills, interests, and passions and how they translate to opportunities in business.

Collegiate Women in Business

Business Majors: A Day in the Life

Brylee Groskreutz, Guest Relations CoordinatorBrylee Groskreurtz Portrait

Preview of Iowa State

Information session lead by admissions counselor and College of Business alumna Brylee Groskreutz providing an overview of Iowa State, academic programs and services, and the application process.

Sarah LuckeBlond woman leaning against an outdoor staircase rail
Corporate Accountant – The Scoular Company

Sarah Lucke graduated from Iowa State in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and in 2016 with her Master’s Degree in Accounting. While at Iowa State, Sarah was heavily involved in the College of Business. Her “claim to fame”, as she would call it, was being a Co-Founder of the Collegiate Women in Business Organization. Within its early years, Sarah served as the Vice-President, President, and Student Advisor of CWIB. Sarah was, and still is, passionate about women in business, leadership, and the concept of taking charge of your own career. Since graduating with her Master’s, Sarah began working as a Corporate Accountant at the Scoular Company in Omaha, Nebraska. Aside from work, she stays busy by serving on the Women in Business Advisory Board for the College of Business, studying for her CPA exams, and loving on her 8-month-old lab puppy with her husband.

Colette Johnson
Owner- That Iowa Girl

Colette Johnson grew up on a farm in north central Iowa near Dougherty, IA.  Her childhood farm experiences provided her with a strong work ethic and an appreciation for fresh, delicious food.  Her work ethic and passion for fresh, quality food followed her throughout her life and college career. Colette graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Accounting and she received her MBA from UNI, with an emphasis in Marketing. Both have helped her tremendously with her business today.  That Iowa Girl was started by Colette on March 1, 2010, with an idea to assist small companies with store delivery of their delicious products, so more people could enjoy them.  Colette is very proud of what our state produces and believes we have some of the best cooks right here in Iowa and the Midwest. That Iowa Girl opened an outlet store in Clarion, IA in 2013 to help share the Iowa goodies Colette discovers with the local community.  Colette’s business now distributes to over 300 grocery stores, including Hy-Vee and Fareway, in Iowa and surrounding states.  Colette’s business is a major supporter of Iowa’s local economy.  Her innovative ideas, leadership, and passion for Iowa-made products helps small companies in big ways.  That Iowa Girl makes a difference in our communities by allowing these unique and quality products to reach more local consumers.