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The Ivy College of Business is one of many at Iowa State University using the Merit program to recognize and promote student success. Merit helps us tell the story of our students’ achievements, and gives students the chance to share their accomplishments with the people who love and support them. Each accomplishment is recognized in the form of an institutionally verified online badge that is automatically added to a student’s personalized page each time the college publishes an achievement about a student.

The New York Times and Forbes reported, “70 percent of recruiters in the United States report that they have rejected candidates because of information online.” Iowa State University understands how critical a positive online presence is to its students’ success. Merit pages help our students gain positive attention from important people including parents, recruiters, other schools, future employers and media outlets.

A student’s Merit page is built and updated for students by Iowa State University and the other important organizations that comprise each student’s education and experience. Because Merit pages are updated by Iowa State, it has credibility that a conventional resume can’t match.

Here’s how it works:

Common Iowa State achievements include dean’s lists, internships, academic awards, inductions into honor societies, athletic accomplishments, community service, leadership achievements, scholarships, fellowships, and more.

Personalized notifications are then sent through email to students as well as news outlets in the student’s hometown and can easily be shared from social media, local media, and online at meritpages.com. Students can take advantage of Merit by claiming their Merit page, setting up their profiles and adding activities to them.

Students can claim and customize their Merit page and share their achievements by using the link in any of the email notifications they receive about their achievements, or simply go to the Iowa State University Merit Page, search for your name, and click the “is this you?” link on the page, which will prompt you to enter your school-issued email address to claim your page. Claiming a Merit page can be done through Facebook, Twitter or email.

The Iowa State University Ivy College of Business is proud to be among more than 450 colleges, as well as partner organizations like national honor societies and service organizations, using Merit to recognize and promote student success.