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Business Analytics

Online, in Des Moines, or on campus in Ames
The graduate certificate in business analytics will build the necessary competency to deploy analytic skills and capabilities in various areas of business such as marketing, supply chains, operations, forensics, and risk management. The certificate is designed for graduate students and working professional currently employed or seeking job opportunities as business analysts, analytic systems designers, or data scientists who deal with problems arising in the contexts of business decision-making.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

On campus in Ames
The graduate certificate in entrepreneurship and innovation is designed to teach students the process through which new ventures are created and to ensure students understand the role of innovation in entrepreneurship.

Supply Chain Management

The graduate certificate in supply chain management will provide foundational concepts and applied technical skills that supply chain professionals need to effectively manage a global supply chain. The certificate is intended for graduate students and working professionals who are employed as a business analyst, supply chain analyst, or who want to move into a supply chain position.

Enterprise Cybersecurity Management

In Des Moines or on campus in Ames
The graduate certificate in enterprise cybersecurity management will equip business professionals with basic concepts and techniques in cybersecurity and the management of information assets, including understanding cyber threat and choosing appropriate protections, enterprise cyber risk management, budgeting for cybersecurity, policies, procedures, human relations, and issues present in the modern organization. The certificate is for working professionals and graduate students in Ames or Des Moines.