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The College of Business is proud to honor the exceptional work of our dedicated faculty, staff, and alumni. These awards are intended to recognize members of the College of Business community who have gone above and beyond in demonstrating excellence in student engagement and impact, involvement in alumni activities, volunteer and community service, or outstanding research and teaching performances.

Nomination Forms

All College of Business Award nominations can be submitted via electronic or hard copy to Monica Sasse (sasse@iastate.edu) in the Dean’s Suite (2200 Gerdin) by March 1. Each nomination must include a College of Business Cover Sheet and other required materials. The College of Business awards are presented in April at the College of Business Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony, sponsored by the Dean’s Advisory Council.

Award University Due Date
Senior Faculty Teaching Award 8/1 Annually
Junior Faculty Teaching Award 8/1 Annually
Senior Faculty Research Award 8/1 Annually
Junior Faculty Research Award 8/1 Annually
Non-Tenure Eligible Faculty Superior Service Award 8/1 Annually
P & S Superior Service Award 8/1 Annually
Merit Superior Service Award 8/1 Annually
P & S Student Impact Award 8/1 Annually
Merit Student Impact Award 12/1 Annually

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College of Business Alumni Awards
Citation of Achievement Award
Russ and Ann Gerdin Award*
John D. DeVries Service Award
ISU Alumni Association Awards University Due Date 
Alumni Medal 2/15 Annually
Alumni Merit Award 2/15 Annually
Alumni Service Award 2/15 Annually
Impact Award 2/15 Annually
James A. Hopson Alumni Volunteer Award 2/15 Annually
Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2/15 Annually
Distinguished Alumni Award 8/1 Annually
Honorary Alumni Award 8/1 Annually
Faculty/Staff Inspiration Award 12/1 Annually
Iowa STATEment MAKERS 12/1 Annually
Wallace E. Barron All University Senior Award 12/1 Annually

*The Russ and Ann Gerdin Award honors contributions from valuable corporate partners or individuals who are not College of Business graduate.