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Named Faculty Positions

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We now have 43 named positions. These funded positions are made possible by private support and are awarded in special recognition and appreciation of each recipient’s record and contributions at Iowa State University.  Depending upon the availability of funds and donor restrictions, these appointments are for two to five years. 

We are committed to continue to work hard both to increase the number of funded positions and to have each of them endowed. As you know, competition for the best faculty talent has become increasingly rigorous. Establishing this type of permanent support is absolutely crucial to our efforts to recruit and retain the finest researchers and educators.


Crum, Michael Ruan Chair in Supply Chain Management
Daugherty, Pat Debbie and Jerry Ivy Chair in Business
George, Joey John D. DeVries Endowed Chair in Business
Hayes, Dermot Pioneer Hi-Bred International Agribusiness Chair
Spalding, David Raisbeck Endowed Dean’s Chair


Brown, James ‘Jamie’ Dean’s Professorship in Finance & Kingland MBA Professorship
Cantor, Dave Mark & Terri Walker Professorship in Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Cowan, Arnold ‘Arnie’ Wells Fargo Professorship in Finance
Dark, Frederick ‘Rick’ Dean’s Professorship in Finance
Dilla, William ‘Bill’ Union Pacific/Charles B. Handy Professorship in Accounting
Herrmann, Pol John & Deborah Ganoe Professorship in Business
Janvrin, Diane William L. Varner Professorship
Jiang, Zhengrui Thome Professorship in Business
Kim, Stephen Dean’s Professorship in Marketing
Laczniak, Russell ‘Russ’ John & Connie Stafford Professorship in Business
Power, Mark Principal Financial Group Professorship in Finance
Ravenscroft, Susan ‘Sue’ Roger P. Murphy Professorship in Accounting
Rees Ulmer, Jacquelyn Union Pacific Professorship in Information Systems
Summers, Jim Max S. Wortman, Jr. Professorship
Suzuki, Yoshinori Dean’s Professorship in Supply Chain Management
Van Auken, Howard Kingland Professor of Entrepreneurship
Wong, John Dean’s Professorship in Sales and Marketing


Anderson, Marc Dean’s Faculty Fellowship in Management
Bootsma, Michael Dean’s Teaching Fellowship
Borisova, Ginka Iowa Bankers Association Fellowship
Clem, Anne Elaine R. Everson Teaching Fellowship
Floros, Yianni Dean’s Faculty Fellowship in Finance
Grawe, Scott Robert and Jane Sturgeon Faculty Fellowship in Business
Jeffrey, Cynthia Dean’s Faculty Fellowship in Accounting
Kreiser, Patrick Bob & Kay Smith Entrepreneurship Fellowship
Liu, Dengpan Dean’s Faculty Fellowship in Management Information Systems
Mao, Huifang Dean’s Fellowship in Marketing
Raju, Sekar Gary & Margaret Pint Faculty Fellowship
Ramaswami, Sridhar Dapper Faculty Fellowship in Marketing
Rosa, José John and Deborah Ganoe Faculty Fellowship
Sander, Kayla Dean’s Teaching Fellowship
Sapp, Travis Dean’s Faculty Fellowship in Finance
Scheibe, Kevin Kingland Business Analytics Faculty Fellowship
Schwab, Andreas Dean’s Faculty Fellowship in Management
Shrader, Charles ‘Brad’ Eucher Faculty Fellowship in Business
Zhang, Zhu ‘Drew’ Kingland Business Analytics Faculty Fellowship


Nilakanta, Sree Kingland Graduate Director of Business Analytics