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Jose A Rosa

Title: John and Deborah Ganoe Faculty Fellow / Professor of Marketing
Department: Marketing

Office: 3367 Gerdin Business Building
Phone number: (515) 294-7207

Academic History

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Business Administration and Psychology, University of Michigan, 1992
  • Masters of Arts, Psychology, University of Michigan, 1992
  • Master in Business Administration, Finance, Dartmouth College, 1979
  • Bachelor in Industrial Administration, Marketing, General Motors Institute, 1977


  • Goal Persistence in the Face of Action Crisis
  • Strategies for Overcoming Gender- and Race-Based Marginalization
  • Better Assessment of Goal Motivation in Medication Adherence
  • Cross-Cultural Sustainable Consumption Motivators and Behaviors
  • Consumer Agency in the Face of Intersectional Disadvantage


American Marketing Association Williams-Qualls-Spratlen Multicultural Mentoring Award 2016
Journal of Marketing Outstanding Reviewer 2013

Selected Publications

  • Carlos Andres Trujillo and Jose Antonio Rosa (2017) "Creativity and Socio-Economic Stratum: The Role of Hope and Integral Affect. DOI identifier - 10.1111/ijcs.12369", International Journal of Consumer Studies,
  • Upadhyaya, Shikha, Jose Antonio Rosa, and others (2014) "Subsistence Consumer-Merchant Marketplace Deviance In Market Systems: Antecedents, Implications and Recommendations", Journal of Macromarketing, 34 (2):145-159.
  • Jose Antonio Rosa, William J. Qualls and Julie A. Ruth (2013) "Creative Imagining by Consumers: Effects of Gender and Level of Modality-Specific Inputs", Journal of Business Research, 67 (3):386-393.
  • Jose Antonio Rosa (2012) "Teaching Marketing to the Next Four Billion: Innovations and Challenges", Journal of Marketing Education, 34 (1):44-54.
  • Bohlmann, Jonathan D., Jelena Spanjol, William J. Qualls, and Jose Antonio Rosa (2012) "The Interplay of Customer and Product Innovation Dynamics: An Exploratory Study", Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30 (2):228-244.

Papers Under Review

  • Richard J. Vann, Jose Antonio Rosa, and Sean McCrea "When Consumers Struggle: Action Crisis, Cognition, and Commitment for Problematic Goal Pursuits",
  • Upadhyaya, Shikha, Susan Dewey, and Jose Antonio Rosa "Heterogeneity and Fluidity as Disruptors of Marketplace Policy Effectiveness",

Work in process

  • Jos Antonio Rosa with Catalina Estrada-Mejias Beatriz Pereira, Jason Stornelli, Carlos Trujillo, and Richard J. Vann "Self-Regulation Interventions for Transformative Consumer Research",
  • Richard J. Vann and Jose Antonio Rosa "Goal-Disruptive Thoughts, Feelings, and Evaluations: Action Crisis in Personal and Health Goals",
  • Richard J. Vann, Jose Antonio Rosa, and Kem Krueger "The Motivation Potential Scale: Integrating Goal Theory into Medication Adherence Prediction",
  • Lin Ong, Jose Antonio Rosa, Caroline Roux, and Srini Venugopal "Expanding Intersectionality as a Theoretical Construct",
  • Jose Antonio Rosa, James Harris, Terri Rittenburg, and Shikha Upadhyaya "Disengaging Heart from Place: Identifying Factors and Heuristics That Overcome Loss of Place in the Wake of Disaster-Induced Displacement",