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Suggestions for Job Search Correspondence

Your correspondence with an employer is the first impression they will have of you.  It is vital to communicate effectively. Job-search letters should promote your candidacy and show sound writing principles. The following suggestions will help you achieve those goals:

Always address your letters to a specific individual with his or her correct title and business address. Names are often found in Business Career Services (1320 Gerdin Business Building) or you may call the company’s Human Resource Department to get the correct name. Use “Ms.” or “Mr.”  Only use “Hiring Manager” or “Selection Manager” as a last resort.

Keep the letter to one page. Eliminate wordiness and restating your resume. Highlight key points.

  • Produce error-free, clean copy. Have it proofread by several others.
  • Tailor your letters for each situation. Generic, mass-produced letters are unprofessional.
  • Thank the employer for reviewing your application and/or granting you an interview.
  • Always keep your reader in mind. Make your letter easy to read, upbeat and positive.
  • Relate your background and skills to the position for which you are applying.
  • Be honest. Always be able to back up your claims with specific examples from your experience.
  • Vary your sentence structure so that every sentence does not start with “I”.
  • Most communication in job seeking may be sent electronically.
  • E-mail is an appropriate method for sending job search correspondence.

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