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Intern Success Stories

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Material Coordinator – Whirlpool Corporation
Amana, Iowa
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Describe the Position.
I had an 8-month co-op at Whirlpool Corporation in Amana, Iowa as a Material Coordinator. By the time I left I was responsible for eleven suppliers and 300 parts. I worked with multiple departments including engineering and corporate programming.

What did you like about the position?
I liked that I was thrown into a full-time position giving me the opportunity to get real experience. I have done both a co-op and internship, and I really prefer the co-op because you are there for a longer period of time. Other students who have internships may be finished for the summer. With my internship, I was finished after two months. However, with my co-op I was just getting comfortable with my position and able to benefit from more exposure to the company.

What is your advice for your fellow students?
Definitely consider a co-op. A co-op is almost double the length of an internship and sometimes longer. The work experience is very valuable and irreplaceable.


Supply Chain Logistics Intern – ConAgra Foods
Omaha, Nebraska
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Describe the Position.
This past summer I was a Supply Chain Logistics Intern for ConAgra Foods in Omaha, Nebraska. During my time as an intern I created a web program that housed the transportation financial documents. A majority of my time was spent working on a project that created cost savings by switching lanes from truck load to expedited intermodal and then managed and tracked the cost savings of these lanes using SAP. I also worked on a project involving “Fresh Pack” which required me to travel to California to meet with different short-line railroads and Union Pacific to plan the weekly/daily rail shipments during the crazy tomato season.

What was your greatest accomplishment during your time as an intern?
I had the ability to add a lot of value to the year-long expedited intermodal project. This project is on track to save the company a million dollars.
In your opinion, why should other students use Business Career Services?
Business Career Services makes sure to personalize each job search. They will help you with knowledge about the companies you are interested in and work on getting you prepared to meet with companies.

Do you have any advice for fellow students searching/interviewing for internships?
Don’t shy away from a company or an opportunity in which you may not fit the qualifications. The requirements listed are not always set in stone. Seek out a company that interests you and explain why you would be a great fit.


Accounting/Finance Intern – Cargill
Amana, Iowa
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Describe your position.
I worked with Cargill Food Distribution at their corporate office in Wichita, Kansas. Throughout my internship I was asked to do various daily accounting work, as well as to help with reports and projects with the accounting team. Some of the tasks I worked on were to tie out a Forward Sales report, which stated what Cargill sold during the previous week, projected sales for the current week, and the ending inventory balances. One of the larger projects was a Sales by State report, documenting all the sales throughout the year.

What was your greatest accomplishment during your time as an intern?
At the end of the internship I was asked to give a presentation to all the Cargill Food Distribution teams. I was able to convey all I learned throughout the summer and thanked them for what they had taught me and the time they spent with me. My greatest accomplishment was being able to learn all I did, but also to present to a room full of superiors and do it well.

Do you have any advice for fellow students searching/interviewing for internships?
Go to the career fair and talk to any companies in which you might be interested. Practice talking to people in the industry. Find something that you are passionate about and your passion will show through in an interview.


Java Developer Intern – Principal Financial Group
Des Moines, Iowa
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Describe your position.
This summer I worked as a Java Developer on the Marketing and Individual Investor Support and Service Team in the Retirement and Investor Services Department at Principal Financial Group. I helped program different point-of-sale applications using Java, XHTML, Javascript, and XLST languages. I frequently communicated with the business and fixed the code when there were defects or required improvements in the applications. Along with functional duties on my team, I also worked on a project within the internship program. My assigned team composed a presentation on how the core values of the company impact IT Professionals in their daily work.

What did you (do you) like about the position?
This internship gave me the experience to be an integral component of the design and functionality of an application that affects the business value of the company. I enjoyed knowing that clients use the applications I worked on to improve their financial security and retirement savings. This hands-on experience was a wonderful opportunity that I couldn’t get at school.

In your opinion, why should other students use Business Career Services?
It’s a great resource to use to improve your resume, obtain interviewing skills and career fair advice.