/We’re building an EXTRAORDINARY MBA program

We’re building an EXTRAORDINARY MBA program

We’re building an EXTRAORDINARY MBA program


L to R: Diana Sloan, Erin Rettenmaier, Max Bramer, Seth Wilharm, and Katelyn Bell

Strategy, work, competition, reward…

As an alumna of the Iowa State MBA program, my favorite memory is winning first place at the MBA Strategy Case Competition at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in February of 2012. Led by our faculty adviser, Sam Demarie, Ph.D., and accompanied by my fellow ISU MBAs Steve Harris, Joli Coil, and Jeff Emrich.

This experience helped me understand the complexities within teams that thrive.

Repeating the feat, now as the adviser for the team that brought home the victory once again, is confirmation that we are building something extraordinary at the Iowa State University MBA program. It is clear that our graduate education goes far beyond business knowledge.

The Iowa State MBA program was the only team that presented holistic strategies, covering all areas of business and preemptively answering questions. Moreover, the delivery was confident and concise, with a level of professionalism and cohesion that can only be achieved through a culture that perfectly balances the determination to win with the trust that a team that stands united can’t be defeated.

So, to all my fellow alumni, next time you introduce yourself, be sure to mention that you are a proud Iowa State MBA. We have many reasons to be.

Diana Sloan, MBA ‘12
Director of Graduate Marketing and Alumni Relations