Women In Business

The College of Business at Iowa State University enthusiastically supports women in business. We’re working hard to recruit more young women as students, to create more opportunities for our existing female students, and to help increase the numbers of women in traditionally underrepresented fields like information systems and supply chain management.


Young Women In Business Conference

Our Young Women In Business Conference, now in its fifth year, brings more than 350 high school girls, parents, teachers, and guidance counselors to campus each fall. Participants have the opportunity to hear directly from influential women in a variety of professions and industries, College of Business faculty, a dynamic keynote speaker, and women business majors at Iowa State. Learn more about the goals of the Young Women In Business Conference.


Young Women In Business

High school girls from across Iowa and beyond have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals in a variety of fields at the College of Business’ annual Young Women In Business Conference, held on campus at Iowa State University each October.


Video courtesy of Alison MacRunnel, Boone High School Senior and Boone TV (Video Productions Class, Ben Bravard and Phil Kramer Instructors).


Collegiate Women In Business

Collegiate Women In Business at Iowa State launched in 2014. The group is designed to inspire, empower, and develop women pursuing a career in business. The group is open to all female majors and minors in the College of Business. Through networking with influential women professionals, building camaraderie with fellow group members, discussion of personal and professional decisions that lie ahead, and gaining awareness of the challenges women face in their professional careers, this group serves as a resource for women business majors at Iowa State.


Collegiate Women In Business LinkedIn group


Tackling Misconceptions

This Iowa State Daily story highlights some of the challenges and misconceptions working women face today, particularly in fields in which women are underrepresented, and what the College of Business is doing to help educate high school and college women about the opportunities they have in business careers.


Why the College of Business at Iowa State?

Lets get the basics out of the way: we are a fully accredited business college that ranks among the top 16% of accredited business programs in the United States. Our placement rate for professional careers among our graduates is outstanding. We offer a nationally recognized faculty at a top-tier research institution. But more than that, we offer a variety of undergraduate majors and graduate degrees to suit all types of interests. Perhaps the better question is, why not?