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Learn While You Earn

Are you leaving Ames for a summer internship or job in your hometown? The College of Business is offering several online courses this summer. You can earn that summer salary and get ahead with college credits at the same time! 


Registration for Summer 2017 begins Monday, March 20. Registration start dates are assigned based on projected year-in-school classification, which is computed by combining total credits and current term credits. You can view your assigned date and time to register on AccessPlus.


Check with your adviser to find the best fit for your degree.




Top 5 Reasons To See Your Adviser Before You Register:


  1. You can schedule online using CyAdvise– easy-peasy!

  2. We now have more advisers on staff, which makes access to them better (and they know stuff to help guide you!).

  3. It’s always a good idea to review your degree audit/progress toward graduation (no one wants a surprise ‘snag’ later on).

  4. There are new courses (even some online ones) and programs to consider.

  5. Your family wants you to! 🙂

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