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Management is essential to every business, no matter how large or small.


Creating and maintaining a competitive advantage requires winning customers, motivating employees, and managing organizations in new and unique ways. Effective management of human potential and creativity is the foundation of a successful business strategy. 


Students who graduate with a Management degree from the Iowa State College of Business receive a quality education that prepares them to manage people and projects in any business. Coursework is both cutting-edge and practical, international in scope and delivered by faculty who are recognized for their ability to communicate and inspire.


Management degree programs help graduates develop effective interpersonal skills, foster decision-making and entrepreneurial thinking, and familiarize themselves with a variety of business environments. The skills developed can be applied to a career in personnel management, organizational behavior, production, international and small business, healthcare, government agencies, financial institutions, telecommunications, hospitality, education and organizational leadership.


The Iowa State Management degree provides career opportunities in human resource management, entrepreneurship, and corporate leadership. A management degree will greatly enhance any career opportunity.  


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