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Business Economics

Business and economics are, in many ways, fundamentally linked

Where business studies the organizations and functions that deliver goods and services to customers, economics studies those goods and services with respect to production, distribution, and consumption, and the choices we make about how to best utilize the resources we have.


Now Iowa State University’s College of Business and Department of Economics have partnered to introduce a business economics major. This new offering fills a gap in the curriculum, as students will no longer have to major in one discipline and add electives from the other discipline.


The major in business economics provides a high-quality education with a balanced emphasis in both business and economics. Graduates from the business economics major possess a unique mix of analytical and applied business skills well-suited for employment in upper level management and public service positions. Graduates also have solid preparation for graduate studies in law, economics, and in Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.


Students majoring in business economics are not permitted to take agricultural business or economics as a double major, or economics as a minor.


Business Economics Requirements

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