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There are so many exciting things happening in businesses in Iowa and around the world.  The world of business is constantly evolving and we are committed to offering high quality education in a way that prepares students for their real-world experiences.  We pay attention to industry trends and the needs of our students.  Graduates of the Iowa State University College of Business become involved in student organizations, study abroad, participate in internships all over the country, and go on to work in some of the most amazing places.


Business is so much more than you might think!


Check out each of our majors:


The Accounting major prepares students to analyze, synthesize, and report data so others can use it to make informed decisions.  This program allows students to pursue diverse careers in business and accounting including auditing, consulting, public accounting, budgeting, and forecasting.


Business Economics 
Business and Economics are linked in many ways, so we put them together as a major.  Students who major in Business Economics will develop a unique mix of analytical and applied business skills well-suited for employment in upper-level management and public service positions.  Graduates also have solid preparation for graduate studies in law, economics, and in Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs.



*Available Fall of 2017. In this program you’ll develop the skills to recognize opportunities, create business plans, and form a competitive strategy. You’ll receive opportunities to practice what you’re learning, because our professors believe the best way to learn about the demands of starting a business is to be involved with one. This major will be your first step toward becoming a successful entrepreneur before or after you graduate.


The Finance major teaches students how to make the most of financial markets, successfully raise capital, manage risk, grow assets, and serve the diverse needs of shareholders, partners, and employees.  Graduates pursue diverse careers in banking, investing, security analysis, insurance, government, real estate, and all types of financial management.


International Business 
This is a secondary major that is only available to College of Business students. The International Business program explores the global economy and prepares students for the international marketplace. Upon completion of this major, students are ready to begin their adventure anywhere!


Management is essential to every business, no matter how large or small. Students who complete the Management major receive a quality education that prepares them to manage people and projects in any business from entrepreneurship to corporate leadership.


Management Information Systems
The Management Information Systems (MIS) program is designed to provide students with a strong educational foundation to prepare them as information system (IS) professionals. This major provides comprehensive training in the application, use, and management of information systems preparing students to provide effective information services and support.


Marketing affects every aspect of a company.  Decisions include issues related to product design, pricing and market analysis, promotional planning, and selling strategies.  Marketing students get real-world experience and have multiple opportunities to work with business professionals. This program prepares students for careers in product management, advertising management, marketing research, market analysis, and sales.


Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management is a unique program that refers to the coordination and movement of a product from its creation and production to the point it is delivered to the customer. This could be anything from paper products to jet engines. It’s the heart and soul of every business. Graduates pursue careers with manufacturers, distributors, transportation carriers, logistics service providers, and consulting firms.


Double Majors
Many students will choose to complete a second major within the College of Business to broaden their understanding of the business world.


The College of Business offers opportunities to minor in each area of business as well as in Entrepreneurial Studies. A minor in General Business is also available to students outside of the College of Business.