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Study Abroad Locations – College of Business

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These programs are one semester in length, unless otherwise indicated, with various beginning and ending dates.


Study Abroad Opportunities for Undergraduates

The College of Business has agreements with several excellent institutions which offer business courses.


Several other popular study abroad programs offer business courses. These programs, part of Regents Semester Abroad, are offered through the Iowa State University Study Abroad Center.


Other Programs of Interest to Business Students

Study Tour Opportunities for All Students:

Study Abroad Scholarships:

Study Abroad Semester Programs

sa_australia Opportunities for Business Students
University of Newcastle – Australia
University of Tasmania - Australia


sa_france Opportunities for Undergraduates
ESSEC Business School – Paris(semester or full year)


sa_germany Opportunities for Undergraduates
Institute of Business - Kiel, Germany


sa_greece Opportunities for Undergraduates
ACT Summer Business Option – Greece
Opportunities for Business Students
American College of Thessaloniki – Greece
sa_mexico Opportunities for Business Students
Tec de Monterrey - Mexico
sa_new-zealand Opportunities for Business Students
Massey University – New Zealand
Otago University - New Zealand
sa_ireland Opportunities for Business Students
University of Cork – Ireland; Semester Program
University of Cork – Ireland; Summer Program
sa_rome Opportunities for Undergraduates
Cimba - Italy
Opportunities for Business Students
John Cabot University in Rome – Italy; Summer Program
John Cabot University – Italy; Semester Program
sa_spain Opportunities for Undergraduates
Summer in Spain – Valencia, Spain
sa_wales Opportunities for Undergraduates
Aston Business School, Full Year – Birmingham, England
The University of Exter – Exter, England
Opportunities for Business Students
University of Lancaster – England
University of Swansea – Wales; Swansea Professional Option
  University of Swansea - Wales; London Professional Option





More Information

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