Contact Information

Joey George, Ph.D.
Director, Ph.D. Program
3311 Gerdin Business Building


Debbie Johnson
1360 Gerdin Business Building


Specialization Overview

The doctoral program in Entrepreneurship (ENT) prepares an aspiring group of doctoral students to conduct and publish scholarly research in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology Management. The purpose of the program is to place its graduates into academic positions at leading research-oriented universities in the U.S. and abroad. The student’s learning experience is enhanced through active participation in research seminars, joint research projects with ENT faculty, and participation in academic conferences. Students are trained in effective teaching and how to conduct impactful research. They are strongly encouraged to publish their work in top-academic journals before they enter the job market. Entrepreneurship faculty at ISU have excellent publication and teaching records, hold editorial positions at major journals, and are experienced in mentoring doctoral students. The program maintains a high faculty-to-student ratio, allowing close collaboration and interaction among faculty and students.

Core Entrepreneurship Faculty

Andreea Kiss

Patrick Kreiser

Andreas Schwab

Howard Van Auken

Supporting Entrepreneurship Faculty

Pol Hermann

Florence Honore

Dave King