Full-time MBA

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Expand Your Business Knowledge

The Iowa State full-time MBA is an intensive two-year program comprised of ten core courses (30 credits) and six electives (18 credits). The MBA provides a broad perspective in management education with opportunities for you to tailor the program to meet your academic and career goals. The core curriculum is delivered through a prescribed sequence of required core courses building a solid foundation for advanced study in business. Specializations  are offered in accounting, finance, technology and innovation management, marketing, and supply chain management.

 Enhance Your Professional Skills

In the Iowa State MBA, you have numerous opportunities to further develop your professional skills, both inside and outside the classroom.  You will progress through the ten core courses with a diverse team of classmates.  You will work on many class projects as a team developing your collaboration, leadership, and communications skills. The case study method used throughout the MBA core curriculum will compel you to problem-solve by thinking both analytically and creatively. Two professional development courses, taken in your first year of study, include workshops and seminars,  executive speakers, and company tours that will further enhance your job search, networking, and soft skills.


Professional skills can be learned, but practice improves them. The Iowa State MBA provides ample opportunities to apply what you are learning in the classroom and to exercise your professional skills. For example, you will take part with your MBA team in a case competition; the culminating event in the MBA core curriculum. Iowa State MBA teams also participate in several university-hosted MBA case competitions throughout the Midwest. In one of the professional development courses, MBA consulting teams undertake service learning projects with local non-profit organizations, thereby you are helping others and benefitting the community. You will be invited to join an active student organization, the MBA Association, where you are able to enhance your leadership abilities by holding officer positions or coordinating special projects.           

Achieve Your Ultimate Goal: Employment Success   

The Iowa State MBA consistently ranks among the top schools for students finding jobs at or shortly after graduation. A record of employment success among our MBA graduates is achieved for two reasons. First, we equip our students. Beginning at orientation and throughout your first year of MBA studies, you will have access to a wide array of career services.  These comprehensive resources will help you develop a customized job search plan. Second,  we offer you personalized career services. Employment opportunities and challenges are unique to each and every MBA student. We provide one-on-one career counseling to equip and best prepare you to achieve your ultimate goal for pursuing an MBA–employment success.       


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Financial Assistance

The ISU College of Business has attractive financial support options for qualified candidates. Financial assistance is offered in the form of graduate assistantships and/or scholarships. Prior academic success and performance on the GMAT or GRE are the primary factors considered in awarding financial support.


The Iowa State University CyBIZ Lab provides opportunities for MBA students to lead cross-functional teams working on real projects for real companies. MBA students gain hands-on experience solving real business problems. MBA students are employed as graduate assistants for CyBIZ Lab.    


Admission into the full-time MBA program is available starting the fall semester. We seek students around the world with diverse academic backgrounds and employment histories. We carefully assess the fit between each candidate’s qualifications and expectations and our MBA program’s qualities and characteristics.   

Successful Start Program

Once you become an Iowa State MBA student, we want to ensure a positive transition into the our program.  Through the Successful Start Program, you will have the opportunity to enroll in several online, pre-MBA short courses to help you to successfully launch your Iowa State MBA studies.    

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