Technology- Hardware EEG

  • 5 adult sized electrode EEG caps (72 electrode) by Sands Research with EKG recording ability (1 large, 3 medium, 1 small)
  • 2 Sensorium Digital Bio-Potential Amplifiers (DBPA)- 1 24 channel portable Electroencephalography (EEG) recording system ((16 bits) (event related potential)) with eye-tracking and EKG recording ability


Technology- Software EEG

  • 2 computers with Windows XP 2002 with E-Prime 2.0 to collect ERP data
  • 2 computers with Windows 7 64-bit with EMSE (5.4 Beta) and Matlab (version R2015b) to clean and average ERP data


Technology- Hardware Eye Tracking

  • 1 SMI Computer with Windows 7 professional (32-bit), 8GM RAM, and i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz


Technology- Software Eye Tracking

  • 2 Windows 7 Professional computers i. One with Sensorium (Acquire) (version 0.2.10c) and Camtasia Studio 6
  • 1 SMI Computer with BeGaze, Experiment Center 3.5, IDF Converter, IDF Event Detector, iViewX, iViewXRED, Remote Console


Behavioral Lab- Hardware and Software

  • 15 desktop computer stations with Window XP Pro 2002, with Intel Atom CPU D525 Processors


Other Lab Amenities

  • Oversized sink with removable sprayer, shampoo and conditioner, hair dryer, and towels, for participants to wash their hair after a study
  • In-house washer and dryer for participant used towels


How to Schedule

The Behavioral and Neuro Research Lab is open to all researchers who are affiliated with Iowa State University College of Business and to those outside of the college upon request and approval of the committee. The Lab is maintained by the Lab Manager, who helps facilitate all the policies and resources for the Iowa State College of Business labs.

How the Lab Recruits

Blast Emails:The researcher or the lab manager may send an email to students enrolled in select business courses.


SONA System: Participants may sign up for available studies on the SONA system for experimental credit.


Participant Pool Demographics: The Lab collects participants' demographic information through our prescreen survey. If you have any questions regarding the demographic composition of our participant pool, please email the Lab Manager.