Behavioral Lab

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The Behavioral Lab is a dedicated research space designed to enable researchers to conduct impactful research in a variety of business disciplines.  The lab contains: 15 networked computer workstations with privacy dividers, headphones for each workstation, an administrator’s area, and one-way observation windows.


The lab’s technology enables researchers to take advantage of surveys and virtual scenarios to simulate decision making, consumer preferences, and other behavioral phenomenon in a controlled research environment.  The space can also be used for non-computer/paper tasks with 15 stations or for studies where participants come in individually. 

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Lab Committee Members:


Samantha Cross Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing

(515) 294-3629


Joey George Ph.D.

Professor of Information Systems
(515) 294-7162

Todd Thornock Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Accounting
(515) 294-3664