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Large Format Printer Policy

Usage Policy for Large Format Printer

Updated July 2013


The College of Business Dean’s Office has an Epson 9800 large‐format printer available for use. This printer can accommodate posters and banners up to 44 inches wide and many feet in length. The most visible use for these posters so far has been for the poster stands that are placed throughout the Gerdin Business Building, most often in the first floor granite hallway.


Given the expense of using and maintaining the printer, as well as the staff time it requires to prepare and print materials, written guidelines are necessary. Please note that these are general guidelines; there are certainly exceptions, and requests will be handled on a case‐by‐case basis by the College of Business marketing staff.


  1. Materials should be requested at least 3 days in advance – and earlier if possible. This helps us to efficiently manage our priorities as well as batch print materials, which saves on expensive paper and ink.
  2. Materials that are not intended to be used for display/promotion for a week or more should not be requested. There are some exceptions to this, such as welcome or directional signs for important college events.
  3. Materials will only be printed for announcements or events that affect a substantial portion of College of Business students. The printer is generally not available for typical classroom or Honors projects, routine student organization meetings, or organizations outside the College of Business.
  4. Students are able to use the poster stands to promote their organization by printing their own flyers or posters. They should check with the Undergraduate Office for availability of the poster stands.
  5. In most cases,the College of Business marketing budget will absorb the cost of posters that meet the above criteria. For specially approved projects that fall outside these criteria, the cost is $0.75 per inch, although certain projects may have different costs.
    1. For reference, a single 22 x 28 poster for the poster stands would cost approximately $11.
  6. The posters used for the 22 x 28 inch poster stands (that are often in the granite hall) are printed two at a time to make efficient use of paper and ink. If you need an odd number of posters, you may have to wait until another poster is being printed so that we can print posters in even numbers.
  7. To request a poster, please fill out a Project Request online
  8. Poster size for the Granite Hallway stands: 22×28”