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Award Nomination Guidelines

Guidelines on the preparation of nominations for College of Business faculty and staff awards and Iowa State University awards for nominations submitted to the College of Business


There are two separate pools of awards that are reviewed by the College of Business Faculty Development Committee (FDC)*. One pool is given by the College of Business (faculty and staff awards); the other (university awards) is given by the Iowa State University (Provost Office). There are separate nomination instructions for each of these awards. In those cases where similar awards are given at both the college and the university levels (e.g. Junior Faculty Research Award and Early Achievement in Research), departments are encouraged to nominate individuals initially for the college award. Until a person has received the college award, it would be normal to defer nomination of that person for the university award.


Deadlines & Presentation

Download Award Deadlines PDF and presentation information


College of Business Awards

College of Business faculty and staff awards nominations must be submitted to the Dean’s Office by March 1st. The College of Business awards are presented in April at the College of Business Faculty and Staff Awards Ceremony (sponsored by the Dean’s Advisory Council).

2016 College of Business Faculty/Staff Award Guidelines

Past College of Business Faculty/Staff Awardees


University Awards

University awards designated on the Provost web pages as “Nominations Open Only to Colleges” must be submitted electronically to the college by every third Monday in December of each year. The college deadline date is earlier than the Provost’s to allow for the FDC’s review. The ranked nominations for the university awards are then sent forward to the Provost Office, who then considers these rankings in selecting award winners later during spring semester. The university awards are presented in September at the ISU Fall Convocation.


Important Note: The college reviews and ranks all university award nominations except the university awards designated on the Provost web pages as “Nominations Open to All Individuals.”  These nominations may be forwarded electronically by colleges, other employing units, or individuals directly to the Provost Office by their February deadline.


*There are three more pools not reviewed by the college committee: Alumni Association awards, Foundation awards and ISU Extension awards. Please see the links for alumni awards, Foundation awards and university awards for these nomination submission details.