2016 Faculty Session Speakers


Anne Clem, Iowa State University

Senior Lecturer in Accounting

 Battle of the Handbags: Kate Spade vs. Coach

In this session we will learn to assess the financial strength of a company by comparing two trendy handbag companies. We will discuss the role of accounting in business and the financial markets.  Finally, we will do a mini-investment analysis utilizing the two companies in the handbag industry.


Kayla Sander, Iowa State University

Senior Lecturer & Dean’s Teaching Fellow in Accounting

This Bakery Needs Some Dough!

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake!? The real question is….how much should you charge for a cupcake at Baby Cakes Bakery?  You and your team will collaborate to find a price that not only covers the costs you owe, but that also makes a strong profit for your business.  The race is on for you and your team to reach sweet success in this growing industry….and I do mean race – bring your joggers! 😉



Shoba Premkumar, Iowa State University

Senior Lecturer Finance

Are we going to ride a bull or a bear in the near Future?

This session will provide an overview of Corporate Finance, student run Finance and Investment Club activities, and explore the career paths for Finance Majors.  We will have discussions about the current economic and financial environment in US as well as globally. The session would also include a fun activity of identifying companies with strong future growth prospects. Students will form small teams and list some of their favorite companies, look at stock quotes, and explore investment options in selected companies.


Valentina Salotti, Iowa State University

Associate Professor of Finance

Investing Board Games

Have you ever wondered how Apple decides where to invest its capital? What makes an idea worth our money and time? This session will tell you how financial managers decide which projects are worth pursuing and which ones are just “bad ideas.” In this game, you are going to be in charge of evaluating new business investments (just like a financial manager!). The stakes are high, the future of your company (and your pay) will depend on the decisions you take!



Monica Gordillo, Iowa State University

Lecturer of Management

What went wrong with Target in Canada?

In this session we will focus on the managerial functions that were poorly used by Target when entering Canada.


Ellen Mullen, Iowa State University

Senior Lecturer of Management

So you Think you Can Manage

This will be an interactive session involving discussion of what it takes to be a good manager and how one develops those things. We’ll also discuss how a manager evolves into a leader and the notion of “leaning in.”



Samantha Cross, Iowa State University

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Marketing In The Digital Age

This session uses fun, innovative examples to demonstrate how marketing has evolved in the digital age. We’ll look at short videos and other digital illustrations taken from movies, shopping and advertising to discuss how consumers’ changing expectations of promotions, convenience, speed, information and service have shaped marketing today.


Supply Chain Management

Jackie Rees-Ulmer, Iowa State University

Chair of Supply Chain and Information Systems Department and Professor of MIS

Tell Me Your Story: Designing Story Boards for Agile Development

We are going to design an IT System for Customer Orders using an agile development tool called storyboarding. We are going to use storyboards to tell the story from the perspective of the customer service representative and the customer.


Amber Bellville

Lecturer of Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Maps & Cheeseburgers

Students will map the business relationships, from “Farm to Table”, involved with their favorite cheeseburger.  Will the maps a mess or show an integrated supply chain?