Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor Levels  Cost Benefits Expectations
Founding Sponsor

Key companies or institutions willing to take a leadership role in the establishment and growth of the CyBIZ Lab.

$15,000 initial investment


$5,000 annual sponsorship

Dedicated project team assigned to a minimum of one high level project per year

First priority in line for projects each semester


Name prominently displayed on program website, program materials, and signage.


Invitation to and recognition at annual sponsorship event (spring)

Participate in a minimum of one project/year.


Company representative serves in advisory role to project team

 Project Sponsor

$3,500 – 5,000 per project (depending on project scope and timeline)

Dedicated team of students working on real business issues for the company or organization


Flexible scheduling based on company needs

Company representative serves in advisory role to project team

Non-Profit Grant Program Sponsor

Support of any amount toward a matching grant program for non-profit organizations 

Business support to non-profit


Student experience working with non-profit organizations 

Non-profit organization must apply for 1:1 matching grant through an application process

CyBIZ Lab Student Excellence Scholarship  $5,000+ Support students working in CyBIZ Lab (general
support or specific, e.g. supply chain, women,
seniors, etc. 
CyBIZ Lab Contact Information

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Judi Eyles

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Founding Sponsors






ISU Office of Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer (OIPTT)


Center for Industrial Research & Services (CIRAS)