Convocation Instructions

  1. Business attire should be worn for the convocation. Cap and gowns are NOT to be worn for the College of Business Convocation on May 6, 2016. Since students only wear graduation caps and gowns at the official university commencement, we ask that you wear business attire to the business convocation. Examples include suit and tie with dress shirt for men, and pant suit or dress for women. This general change was recently implemented to all college convocations across campus.
  2. Students should plan to arrive at Hilton Auditorium by 4:15 p.m. so they are in line on time to walk onto the floor of Hilton when the ceremony starts. Doors at Hilton will open at 4:00 p.m. Students and guests may want to plan for parking delays as the College of Human Sciences convocation ceremony will be taking place before ours in Hilton Coliseum.
  3. Do not take a program at the entrance; there will be one for you on your chair.
  4. Please check in at the northwest corner of Hilton to pick up your reader card. You will be instructed where to line-up (there will be postings as well by major). If you are a double major/degree, you can choose which major you would like to sit/cross the stage with.
  5. Please leave coats, purses, and other valuables with family or friends or in your car. There will be no place in Hilton or at your seat to store your belongings during the ceremony.
  6. Flash Photography will take a photo of each graduate as she/he crosses the stage and is greeted by the Dean. Within one week of the ceremony, graduates will receive electronic proofs. Graduating students are able to order photos using an online ordering system. However, you are under no obligation to order any photos.
  7. After the ceremony has concluded – faculty will recess first, followed by graduates. You are welcome to take pictures around the concourse of Hilton or outside with your family and friends at that time but we must ask you to leave the floor of Hilton after the ceremony so that Hilton staff may prepare for the Liberal Arts & Sciences convocation, which occurs right after the College of Business convocation.
  8. If you are using social media at the ceremony – send the College of Business your photos, your memories, your future plans, your selfies. EVERYTHING! Use ‪#COBgrad and ‪#cyclONEgrad.
  9. If your family or friends are unable to attend the convocation, please share this link to watch the ceremony live:
  10. Students who attend the College of Business Convocation will be given a small gift as they cross the stage during the ceremony. Diplomas will not be handed out at the Business convocation. They can be picked up in 210 Enrollment Services or mailed to you two or three weeks after graduation. Please contact the Graduation Office if you have questions about your diploma options, 515-294-9372.

Congratulations on your achievements. We look forward to celebrating this moment with you and your families!