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Abhi Rao




Monday - Thursday: 8:00am-5:00pm

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What We Offer

Across the College of Business, it is our goal to strengthen student communication skills and enhance their critical thinking skills by creating opportunities for them to practice communication skills throughout their academic careers. Representatives in our Communication Center are available to support their written, oral, and visual communication assignments in the classroom.


As College of Business faculty, you may have a desire to better prepare your students for their future professions by helping them develop the necessary business communication skills. We can help you accomplish this in the classroom with individual assistance for faculty and through the following online resources:

  • Classroom Assignments: use sample assignments for creating particular documents and exercising communication skills
  • Grading Rubrics: use sample rubrics for grading communication assignments  
  • Writing Samples: see examples of a professional memo, business letter, and email
  • Communication Lessons: teach new skills in communication, from team communication to building PowerPoint slides
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