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About Us

What We Do

Although the Communication Center has only been a part of the College of Business since Fall 2005, it has already made an impact on countless students and faculty and seen dramatic growth in just a couple of years.


Center’s Impact

Who does the Communication Center serve?

The Communication Center in the College of Business was created to serve the both the college’s faculty and students. Since its inception in 2005, the Center has seen a dramatic growth in the number of faculty and students served, both in and out of the classroom. As you can see, the Center’s impact in the College of Business is expanding each semester:

  Faculty Students
Fall 2005 1 80
Spring 2006 5 400
Fall 2005/Spring 2006 14 1200
Fall 2007 28 2000


What impact has the Communication Center had on the College of Business faculty and students?

The Communication Center has created dozens of communication-focused assignments for a number of business faculty, and the students’ work has seen marked improvements, both from these assignments and from individual assistance offered by the Center.


Center’s Growth

How did the Communication Center begin at the College of Business?

The Communication Center was developed in the College of Business in response to the ISU Comm initiative, which is a campus-wide effort to enhance students’ communication skills throughout their entire academic career. To assist College of Business faculty in the development of communication-focused assignments and help business students enhance their communication skills.


Learn more about ISU Comm and its principles, which guide the Communication Center’s activities.


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