Recruit Students and Alumni

Post Positions or Request Interview Schedules

  • You have the option to post your positions online using CyHire.
  • To access ISU alumni who may be seeking a new job or career change, post a position in CyHire and select Alumni as the desired class level.

On-Campus Interviewing

  • Where to go, how to get there, and options for advertising your visit

Video Interviewing

  • If you would like to use video conferencing for interviews, please contact our office at buscs@iastate.edu or 515-294-2542. Video interviews are available during normal business hours. We highly recommend testing video conferencing technology between the employer and candidate before the interview.

Employer Handbook

  • Learn about Career Services, the Career Fair, CyHire and more with this comprehensive booklet

Internships & Co-ops

  • Information about the differences, benefits, requirements and more

Hiring International Students