New Courses for the Fall of 2016



MKT 351X. Services Marketing. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: MKT 340. In-depth appreciation and understanding of the unique challenges inherent in creating, managing, and delivering quality services. Students will be introduced to and have the opportunity to work with concepts, tools, and strategies that address these challenges.


MKT 368X. Spreadsheet-based Marketing Models. (3-0) Cr. 3 S. Prereq: MKT 340. Use of spreadsheets to build appropriate models for marketing strategies. Topics include pivot tables, regression analysis, discrete choice models, and dynamic programming. Development of skills such as formulating problems, structuring and prioritizing problems, synthesizing results and communicating intuition from complicated analyses.


SCM 434X. Implementing Process Improvement. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: SCM 424. Provides hands-on opportunity to practice process improvement drawing on the most frequently used tools from Six Sigma and Lean. Students apply tool in local firms and use them in a final project. Emphasis on the practical application of Six Sigma and Lean techniques.


SCM 453X.Supply Chain Planning and Control. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: SCM 301. Supply chain planning and control is the process which synchronizes demand with manufacturing and distribution. This course will cover sales and operations planning with emphasis on forecasting, master scheduling, materials requirements planning, inventory management and demand planning. Linking business plans and information systems for integration and distribution channels are also covered.


MIS 368X. Spreadsheet-based Marketing Analytics. (3-0) Cr.3. F. (Cross-listed with MKT 368X) Prereq: MKT 340. Use of spreadsheets to conduct various analyses to support marketing strategies. Topics include data visualization and exploration, marketing models and consultative problem-solving skills. Development of skills such as formulating problems, structuring and prioritizing problems, synthesizing results and communicating intuition from quantitative analyses.


MGMT 320X. Corporate Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Management. (3-0) Cr. 3. F.S. Prereq: MGMT 310. Entrepreneurial approaches aimed at the identification, development and exploitation of technical and organizational innovations, the management of new product or process developments, and the effective management of new venture in the context of mid-size to large corporations in manufacturing as well as in service industries. Development of an awareness and understanding of the range, scope, and complexity of issues related to the creation of a corporate environment that is supportive of entrepreneurial endeavors as well as to gain insights concerning the effective implementation of technological and organizational innovations in corporate settings.


MGMT 372X. Responsible Management and Leadership in Business. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. S. Prereq: PHIL 230. Professional responsibilities of executives in terms of personal conduct and individual integrity, executive leadership style and values, formal organizational ethics policies, board and chief executive leadership roles, governance reform and ethics, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder management, strategies for sustainable development, pursuit of societal and corporate goals, and the manager as architect of corporate values and culture.

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